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Jonathan Fleig is an award-nominated singer/songwriter and award winning documentary film maker from Kansas. Harkening the bittersweet essence of American folk raconteurs, his styling lures listeners from all walks of life, from blues and soul to rock and country. Producer Brian D. Hardin (Quincy Jones, India Arie, Ziggy Marley) couldn't agree more: "Jonathan is a passionate, emotional storyteller with a warm, genuine voice and the guitar virtuosity of the greats."


Jonathan brings organic and heartfelt storytelling front and center in every album and live performance. His latest album, Driftwood, is a biographical collection of songs retelling the passing of time as one learns to accept this life for what it is. Each song is an ode to change, uncertainty, joy, regret, relief, forgiveness, pain, acceptance, letting go, and being grateful for what we all share. Simply put, Driftwood is a journey of the spirit and mind. 




Jonathan has played hundreds of gigs across 16 states, including renowned San Diego hotspots, Belly Up Tavern and House of Blues, the National Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Block Street Block Party Music and Arts Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Washunga Days Music Festival in Council Grove, Kansas.


Jonathan is at once a Dreamer, a Muse, a Doer, a Mourner and a Witness. The Dreamer set out in 2006 to record his first album, The Rebellion in Mid-America. It offered the first glimpse of a man who realized the value system within which he'd been raised was fractured. The Muse drove him cross-country to California on a pilgrimage of introspection. It was there, in 2010, he formed the band, Soup. Their album, The Great Awakening, proved to be the compelling musical stew of a searching soul: The 21st L.A. Music Awards nominated Jonathan for "Best Americana Artist" (Soup) and "Americana Song Of The Year" (Enemy).


Inspired by a taste of success, The Doer spent 56 days alone in a tent, purging his newfound self-awareness into a dramatic catalogue of songs that would become, Strange Caravan. His first full-length solo album since 2006 would dispense with pretention and showcase a man at peace with himself and his place in the strange caravan of life. "I believe that true and lasting revolution begins with the self," says Jonathan. "Less and less I feel the need to convince or persuade anybody to see the world as I see it. I share. You take what you want from that sharing."


When Jonathan returned home, Kansas welcomed that sharing with open arms. Strange Carvan quickly gained statewide acclaim and turned a few heads - most notably that of producer Brian D. Hardin. When Jonathan's father died of brain cancer in 2013, The Mourner and The Witness collaborated on the powerful songwriting that drives the album and documentary film, Road To Nowhere. The Mourner laments the loss and regret that comes with losing a loved one. The Witness shines a light of hope, of forgiveness - an awakening that being fulfilled by what you have supersedes the emptiness of wanting more. "Every day is an opportunity to start over," Jonathan adds. "Redemption is a daily undertaking."

Currently, Jonathan is preparing five new studio albums covering a variety of genres. Slated to be released over the next several months, Jonathan Fleig, Uncle J's Liberation, Uncle J's Plant Medicine, Two Lane Road Psalms, and Uncle J's Motor Inn will be available soon.  



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